As I Am - Part 3


NotesWritten for the Hashirama week on Tumblr – a short fic for each day that together will make a loose chain of stories.

Day 3.

Warnings for Hashirama’s feelings towards Madara, though this story will remain mostly gen. Also for Tobirama and his jutsus.

Happy Birthday Hashirama!

Summary: I was born at wartime and most probably will die in a war too. That’s the frame for any shinobi’s life. All the rest: family, love, dreams, memories – the techniques we fight with to protect them, the decisions we make - determine who we are.

Day 1 - War

Day 2 - Mokuton


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phoenixyfriend asked:
I've spent the past few years functioning under the assumption of the Naruto world having lower gravity than ours? It would explain some of the acrobatics, the length of time they hang in the air when they jump, the low weights, etc.
tozettewrites replied:

This would be interesting to contemplate for fanfiction reasons. Especially if you did a “I move from RL to the Naruto universe” kind of SI, because then you’d be like

Son Goku, basically. 


Oh no, please don’t take it that way. In neither of my replies was my tone unfriendly or confrontational. Your first response was a little rude, but I replied to it separately. 

My “this convo isn’t necessary” wasn’t a complaint about considering a lower gravity scenario. I referred to the fact that animators play with gravity and time to suit their narration needs, so making sense of the Narutoverse physically isn’t necessary.


When Madara fought the Shinobi Alliance, he hovered low in midair, and then came back down way faster than physics would allow. It’s not physical, but it looks badass. When Naruto floats before delivering his rasengan, it’s not physical either, but we need the suspense. 


Maybe if we had the bone structure propelling us like a grasshopper we could do what shinobis do. Even in that case I’m afraid that the accelerations they sustain would seriously wound our internal organs, not to mention break our bones. Conclusion, applying our physics to the ninja world would make for rather boring battles :P